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ABOUT the seeing stone

A seeing stone is a portal - a path to the realm of Sorcery & Adventure!  For many of us who grew up on fantasy - whether it be games, books, television, or movies - the idea that magic can be real and tangible is a concept we secretly wanted to explore!


I have been an avid gamer for 25 years, and a tarot reader & spellcrafter for almost a decade. My goal is to bridge the realm of Tarot Cards & Magick to the world of classic tabletop RPGs & fantasy.


Here you will find nature-inspired jewelry, witchy tools & talismans, and offerings of Tarot Readings & spells to fuel your fantastical journeys. I hope you will be inspired to explore your own magickal abilities, and maybe dip your toe in the waters of divination and spellcraft.

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