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Designs that span from whimsical fantasy to natural aesthetics

Jewelry crafted to feature small spellbooks, magick mushrooms and vials filled with ritual salts all suggest a more whimsical side of yourself.  Gemstones incorporated into many of our designs tie everything together to create a perfect accent accessory.

Magickal fantasy jewelry and art, perfect for any experience from ritual to cosplay

The moon and her lunar phases inspire us almost as much as the earth herself

hand painted moon phase leather earrings

Magickal pieces, perfect to complete your look or augment your craft

We make every piece with the same artful consideration from our resident artisan fantasy jewelry designers - what you do with the piece is entirely up to you!  Have something in mind that you’d like to make a reality? Work with our artist to craft something absolutely perfect.

Influence from the literary fantasy inspired by the texts of their work

Earrings, necklace, and pendant designs reminiscent of items found in the collected works of such authors as JRR Tolkien, George RR Martin, Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan are inspired by the works of their literary canon.

Hand painted designs with both the lunar phases and earthly elemental symbols can be collected in sets or pairs - the perfect accessory to match your mood.  These earrings are designed with you in mind as a way to connect with the earth and the moon.

hand painted leather earrigs
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