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Handcrafted artisan jewelry, unique custom fantasy art and magickal craftwork

custom polymer clay earrings pendant necklace

As I style each piece with individual inspiration, I craft a distinctly unique item

Even each item in a series is individually hand sculpted and painted, and each creation you add to your collection is something no one else will ever have.  Every fantasy jewelry piece is as unique as you are and complements your wardrobe like nothing else you wear. Have a specific idea in mind that you’d like our artisan designer to customize?  Your requests inspire our artist to craft a piece that is distinctly you.

One of a kind, hand-crafted jewelry inspired by natural aesthetics

fungi, autumn leaves, springtime floral arrangements and sea shells

Witches from all over the world seek their connection back to mother earth, a deep connection that grows with the perfect ritual talisman to complement their practice.  Items inspired by nature’s own design - autumn leaf gradient earrings made of lightweight polymer clay, pendants and necklaces of mushrooms sprouting from some of your favorite gem stones, or hair pieces with bright spring colors for both kids and adults.  Unique designs abound with natural beauty artfully crafted for you.

ritual magick and cosplay glass jars
hand painted leather moon phase earrings

Perfect for cosplay or ritual practice as accessories you will make your own

A careful process makes fantasy ideas and custom requests come into reality with artisan craftsmanship.  Many items include materials crafted as part of my own ritual practice in connecting to nature, family and prosperity.  Pieces can feel alive or imbued with a sort of magick or aura - whatever you choose to do with it is up to you!

Whether you’re looking for a complementary piece to add to your personal altar, or trying to find that perfect accessory to complete your look.  Whether you’re looking for fantastical jewelry to wear every day as an addition to your wardrobe, seeking a perfect talisman to augment your craft, or a handcrafted, detailed art piece that completes a costume, The Seeing Stone has a perfect magickal jewelry piece to help you be who you want to be.

Items feel as if they are energetically imbued with magickal essence as materials come together, making fantasy jewelry pieces come alive

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