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Seasonal Tarot Spreads
Bespoke Rituals
  • Virtual Tarot readings created exclusively for the collective weekly on the Facebook group & in each monthly email. 

  • Videos demonstrating original tarot spreads for you to work with at home.

  • Monthly instructional videos with practical self care rituals, empowerment spells & visualizations, as well as relaxing ASMR style sleep meditations.

What is Mana?

WHat's coming this month?

  • Learning about the difference between your Sun Sign and your Moon sign and the significance of The Moon card in the Tarot. Find out the symbolism of the upcoming lunar eclipse and learn how to work with its energy.

  • A tarot spread designed to help you start your year right by aligning your goals with the energy of 2020.

  • Work with your cards at home as you watch the video for the collective demonstrating this spread, and share your interpretations with our private discussion group.

The Moon & Eclipse
Capricorn Season
  • A cozy ritual bath to help you meditate on the year to come and allow the stresses of the year that has passed to melt away. Cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit as you manifest your intentions for well-being & prosperity.

  • Grounding yourself in Capricorn season - tap into root chakra energy and feel your connection to the slumbering element of earth.

Mana is a term that refers to our personal will and power of manifestation. Think of it as your internal pool of willpower that gets expended on creative projects & actualization of your goals. Any time you are taking an active role in your life you are using your mana.


This energetic resource needs to be nurtured and replenished by meditating, practicing mindfulness, setting intentions, and sharing ideas with a supportive community. This is the central purpose of The Mana Sphere!


It is foremost a community for building each other up in our intuitive & personal growth goals while providing methods to replenish our mana by connecting and sharing in our collective journeys through the seasons of our lives.